Friday, August 15, 2014

Taiwan trip, Taipei 101 !


Next stop, Taipei 101!! Taiwan's tallest building! Better known as 6th tallest building in the WORLD!

YEAH and since I'm here.....I gotta do what I gotta do...*selfie with the building * HAHA


Welcome to Taipei 101 hahaha. Also finally a nice/clear shot of my OOTD. 

I love Taiwannnn~~

Here's what it looks like inside!

Inside the building, IT'S FULL OF BRANDED SHOPS! . When walk inside, feel like want vomit blood hahaha! Seriously the whole building is just branded shops. This kind of place is for rich people to go 1. I don't even dare to enter the shop man. I bet their cheapest thing also worth more than RM100. 

Well of course, with a building this tall, there would be observatory floors. You'd have to buy entrance ticket for it and honestly it's pretty expensive. Lucky for us, my uncle's friend is actually working in the observatory restaurant also known as Ding Xian 101, which is on the 86th floor of Taipei 101. 

So we get to save our money from buying the ticket to enter the observatory floors and just do our 'observing' at the restaurant instead haha. Thanks uncle! 

*at the restaurant entrance* 
Welcome to the 86th floor of Taipei 101 ~ 

To get up to the restaurant we get to ride on those SUPER FAST elevator that would fly us to our selected floor within SECONDS. Yeahhh when I say super fast, ITS SUPER FAST HAHA. and it is actually, the world's fastest elevator!! 

Believe me that is a super luxurious restaurant and I've never been to such a luxurious and high class restaurant before. 

Omg and you know what? I saw an aunty that dressed EXACTLY like those rich ahjumma in the korean movies!!!!! ( you know example like in the korean movies sure the main character is a handsome and rich son that falls in love with a poor girl and the son's mother doesn't approve their relationship ,,,,YES those mothers they are very well dressed and have the 'expensive' look ) 

OK EXAMPLE Goo Jun Pyo from boys over flowers' mother ...YESS THAT! I was like omg it really exist!!! 

The interior design is pretty amazing too!! It has those 18th century vintage style. I'm really big fan of vintage style interior!! You know...Like the anime black butler....

Their corridor is decorated with alot of these awesome painting with beautiful feathers. Yupp these are made of feathers!! 

I had to selfie with this awesome artwork HAHA.

There's also alot of VIP rooms there and....

There's a hall for functions, workers are all pretty busy preparing for that night's wedding dinner? haha 

This is the biggest of all!!!!! THE ROOM IS BIG! THE TABLE IS BIGGGGG!!! WOAHH. Well what do you expect? This is a high class restaurant after all. There are ALOT MORE space the other side of the room.

corner of the VVIP room!!! woahhhhh.

With fake peacock that looks really realistic! Is it me or Taiwan people really like these kind of thing? Fake animals that looks super realistic. ( idk what is it really called ) 

We got served drinks for free at the HUGE VVVIP room. 

I dont know what drink it was but....IT WAS SO DAMN DELICIOUS! T_________________T .....I miss that drink. I bet 1 sip of that drink actually cost me a few cents HAHA

OH YEAH! I totally forgot to show you guys the view outside the windows of this restaurant!!!

C'mon I'll show ya nowwww


I guess this is what Taipei looks like from the view up here! 

Welcome to 86th floor observatory's restaurant's ladies' toilet. Even their toilet had to be HUGE.


One of my favourite picture that I took in Taiwan!!! I did not edit this picture at all and believe it or not, this is 1 of the corner of the ladies toilet. LOLOLOLOL!!! YEAHH! You can see the view clearly in the toilet while you do your business. hahahahahaha

Best picture ever that's taken in the toilet hahaha!! 

Visiting this super high class and luxurious restaurant makes me feel like I'm a character in the drama hahaha. Since it's actually my first time.Well I'm not those kind of girl that leads a really wealthy life. Wear branded things, have expensive handbags. I don't mind though. Now I totally understand how the girl character feels in the drama when she's average and her SUPER RICH boyfriend takes her to super high class restaurant like these. 

It feels nice and all yet, it also feels out of place. Like you don't belong there. So that's why they'll always say  in the drama ' you both live in two different worlds ' when characters of different wealth background tried to be together. 

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