Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Taiwan trip, Day 4,5,6

I bet you guys are pretty sick and tired of my Taiwan trip post now. ok sorry don't worry, this will be my last Taiwan trip post ok? hahahaha. There's nothing much on Day 4 and 5 trip since we were free to go where ever we want to shop and all xP . We just walked around and there's a shopping mall and night market near our hotel so yeah XD 

Throughout my trip in Taiwan, I saw alot of schools and Taiwan and all of the school buildings in Taiwan are SO HUGE, even primary schools. I'm like WOAHHH!! Coz if compared to Malaysia, our school buildings are pretty small! 

see!! so huge right!? Even the front gate is like so grand haha. I'm not sure if it's primary or secondary o.o Every school in Taiwan I saw looks almost exactly like this! 

they even have such a huge place that fits a few basketball court!! woahhh Malaysian school building is so different from Taiwan. But I'm not saying that I don't like my own school back in Malaysia, I totally love my own school building as well since it's actually a very well maintained historic heritage building and it's looks beautiful when seen from outside~ 

*pictures of my school i found in google*

TADA, what my school building looks like 

*cough cough* ok very sorry for skipping the topic....Now where was I....

OK WE'RE BACK IN TAIWAN! Pictures of DELICIOUS looking bread I took in a shopping mall, supermarket.

OH ME GERD!!!! I'VE NEVER SEEN SUCH DELICIOUS LOOKING BREAD IN SUPER MARKET BEFORE!!!! Seriously breads sold in super market back in Malaysia don't look as delicious as these!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BREAD HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I passed by this section in the super market my eyes were like *SHINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG* 


Selfieeee. If I'm not wrong the supermarket we went was actually Carrefour. hmm maybe I should edit the SHINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG* effect at my eye there HAHAHAHA

Day 4, OOTD ~ haha please excuse my slippers coz I had some problem with my shoe that day xP . We didn't really do much on our 4th day because our schedule was pretty packed on our 1st to 3rd day in Taiwan. Finally time to relax and take it slowly! 


We didn't do much on our 5th day in Taiwan either but at night, we had the most EXPENSIVE and LUXURIOUS dinner ever ( at least for me ) . We went to Taiwan 101 again and had our dinner at the none other than 86th floor, Ding Xian observatory restaurant. Yes we went there 2 days ago but what we did was  'observe' and not eattt. hahaha

My dad said it would be a once in a life time experience and we may not be visiting here again so why not? Since it's also our last night in Taiwan

We booked a VIP room for that night's dinner. Waiting for food to be served! I didn't get to take my OOTD so all I have is this . TvT.

Night view of Taipei ~ Sorry for the super bad quality TwT

Me and my sister ordered Kiwi juice that night and it was REALLY AWESOME! Almost the WHOLE CUP is from actual kiwi fruit itself!! ( Because if you order fruit juice at normal restaurant, only half  ( or maybe less than half ) of the cup is from the fruit itself and another half is pretty much ice and water.)

Ten tennnn pictures of the food that was served that night~~ 

My personal favourite food that night was this!!! Sigh I don't know what name is it. My parents kept telling me but because the name sounds so complicated, funny and weird, my brain decided not to save it *facepalm*

YES !! those are HUGE and JUICY abalone we ate that night. It's actually bigger than it looks in this picture! 

and lastly dessertttttttt~~ ( ok sorry I know I'm supposed to describe all the food taste....Idk lol HAHA super fail  if I ever become a food blogger, don't even remember food name , but don't worry that will never happen hahahaha ) 

We were served with SO MUCH food that night. It's such a waste that my stomach can't fit all the food, if not I would've eat non stop hahaha. 


The next morning, we woke up really early for our flight.

Time to fly back to Malaysia!!! 



Finally we have come to the end of my Taiwan trip post hahahaha!! Overall I think Taiwan's pretty nice. Before this trip, I've got HIGH expectations towards Taiwan food but honestly, they disappoint me. Yup almost all the restaurant we went to serve unpleasant food (  maybe it's bad luck for us that we choosed those restaurant ) 

I did have fun in Taiwan but I was really happy to back to Malaysia as well....I can finally communicate with other people =________=" English, Malay, cantonese COME COMEEE...just not chinese okay =_="  


Hope ya enjoyed reading my Taiwan trip posts hahaha byee byeee~~ 

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