Saturday, August 23, 2014

Digimon Adventure

So my friend Jie Yin came over to my house yesterday. While she's here we just spent our time watching anime and I showed her stuff about digimon hahahaha.

Actually I'm a BIG FAN of DIGIMON!!! Opps..but I'm a big fan of digimon ADVENTURE only though.  My SUPER FAVOURITE childhood anime!!!  and honestly no anime can ever replace digimon. I'm sure I'm not the only 1 that thinks this way HAHA. Jie Yin is also a fan of digimon. Few days ago, I downloaded a whole bunch of digimon ost especially the background instrumental ones.

Why suddenly so crazy about digimon? Well it's because I got to know that DIGIMON ADVENTURE IS COMING BACKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEHE!!! I'm really happy like MY CHILDHOOD IS BACK!! Really looking forward to that sequel !!! hehehehe 

If you don't understand what I'm saying or don't believe me...OKAY PEOPLE U GOTTA WATCH THIS

SEE!!!! JFEOPWJEOPGWJGEWPOGE Plus in the video as soon as u hear back that song it's like JGOPEWJGE SO MUCH FEELSSSSS!!!I STILL REMEMBER, THAT BUTTERFLY SONG VERSION IS AT THE VERY LAST EPISODE OF DIGIMON ADVENTURE 01 !!!! Taichi and gang have to separate from their digimon and return back to earth!! The last episode was so sad and touching T_T_T__T_T I LOVE DIGIMONNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okok I gotta calm down

Wada Kouji was diagnosed with a throat cancer on 2011 and went on hiatus. I was so shocked and really can't believe it!! He must've had a really hard time T_T_T__T I mean Wada Kouji is like a legendary singer and his voice is just pure awesome-ness!!! It's so heart breaking that this had to happen T_T_T_T_T_T.....But he's back to singing business just last year! Here's a video of his performance last year T_T_T_T_T

SOBBBBBBBBBBB ITS REALLY HEART BREAKING SEEING HIM STRUGGLING TO SING HERE T_____________________________________________T GJEWPOGJEPOWGJEOPWJGEW and then his fans sang along with him T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T

I showed this video to Jie Yin. I was sitting at her left side. So while watching this video she was like

Jie Yin: ughh so touching see the fans sing along with him....But I'm amazed coz it's been so many years and still got ppl that love and sing this song.
Me: OF COURSE!!!! you have 1 right beside you!!
Jie Yin: HUH? *looks to the right* 
Me: dude I'm BESIDE you. ==
Jie Yin: OHHHH OHHHHH you mean u HAHAHAHAHA!! I thought what u saying..another ppl enter the room or what


That video was when he ngam ngam come back from hiatus which was 2013.Here's another video of him singing this year, just few weeks ago and his voice got MUCH BETTER now. Phew I'm so relieved and glad!!!!!

REALLY EXCITED FOR THE SEQUEL AND THE THEME SONG !!! I hope Wada Kouji is the 1 singing the theme song for the sequel!!! I love you Wada Kouji!!! GAMBAREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

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