Wednesday, August 27, 2014

1# Star Walk Shirt Commission 2014

I've been busy blogging about my Taiwan trip and I've totally forgotten to blog about my starwalk shirt commission this year LOLOL! When I checked back my picture library and saw the starwalk shirt commissions I was like ?!?!?#?!@#?@!?!!  

Omg It has been 2 months since starwalk was on June. Sorry for the really long overdue blog post T_T_T_T. 

Also I'm sorry for not posting that much art related post =w=" ....but here it is!!! 

For last year's starwalk, I did shirt paintings as well but it was only for me and my friends but this year, I was open for starwalk shirt commission and I did quite a few shirt commission and here are some of the shirts I painted for this year's starwalk! Okayy gonna start off with pictures of painting processes of fairy tail characters! ( Yes, most of my commission are fairy tail characters including my own shirt hoho ) 

Firstly, HAPPY from fairy tail hohoho! 

HAHAHAHAHAHA ok regrettably, I seemed to have fed Happy too much till he looks pretty bloated here *facepalm* 


Next, NATSU X LUCY HOHOHO! I memang ship Natsu  and Lucy so I was pretty happy doing this commission kekeke. 

Sigh I wished I'd painted Lucy's hair shadow darker T,T 

(ps, this is the original picture ( reference that my customer gave me ) So credit goes to this artist )  

and the last fairy tail character I did .....ERZAAAAA~!~!!!!! 

TEN TEN TEN TENNNNNNN~~~~ I really like how this Erza turned out hehehe...

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