Sunday, January 6, 2013

Starry Galaxy Sky tutorial

 So I did this starry galaxy sky type of drawing almost at the end of December ( sry for posting this late :x ) 

My first attempt! Whee ok or  not? Actually i feel like there's something missing in this drawing lar >< and then 1 of my instagram follower said i lost the scenery there since there's only stars and sky :O .  Then only i realize :O :O!! YEAhhh!! no wonder larr T_T_T nvm la i'll do a better and improved 1 next time ! 

and and of course! I used a few reference for this drawing :DD. I normally use reference when i draw... i wonder if it's wrong or bad to always use a reference when drawing ><" because i see some artist say stuff like ''I DO NOT USE REFERENCE" and all >_> ...

Actually i use reference to draw most of the time...Because looking at them is what usually gives me the inspiration to draw :O and also boost up my spirit HAHA! 

Here are some of the reference i used~ Found them in tumblr last year haha! Oh and please don't compare mine with them larh T_T They professional mah =3= ~ 

Here's a short and simple tutorial on how to draw a starry galaxy type of sky since alot of people had been asking me how i done it :D  ~ 

Sketch~ Actually i planned to draw a guy only at first but then he look so forever alone there so i added a girl there also HAHAHAHA! 

Line Art~ 

Use marker pen and ink the whole page except the characters~ Actually is supposed to use screen tone for the sky.. but my place here don't sell screen tones T_T_T But its okay to use marker pens~ It's just that it'll look nicer if use screen tones

after i finished inking the sky, i used a white pen and randomly put white dots everywhere. Its really simple and easy! :D 

More white dots~

TADA~ Finished~ 

Scanned it to computer 

And this is how it looks like after the edit! :D :D. Sorry if my so called tutorial is kinda suckish or anything but i hope it helps! ^^

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