Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Achievement~!

Can't believe 2012 will be ending soon!! Seriously time pass so fast T^T^T!!! Omg i don't wana go back to school!!! This year would be a stressful year since i'll be sitting for SPM =3=....GAHHH!!!

So many things happened this year and this year is kinda the worst year for me esp in school ==". Ugh dont even wanna remember ..oh well there are ups and downs i guess...

What are your biggest achievement of the year? Well for me it would be...COMPLETING THIS !!!

Awhh man it was seriously hard and quite stressful doing this ==" but thank god it made it in the end and of course, couldn't have done it without the help of my art teacher and my friends and also team work ~! Here's the blog post about it if you haven't read it before haha

Ok sorry for posting this non stop HAHAHA!! This pic of me too cool to not post 

Hmm and then...i drew loads of stuff this year!! I dont think i've ever draw that much before :'DD. Well since i've finally found my interest that is drawing manga style characters~!~!! :DD I wanted to make a summary of art meme since i saw many people doing it but i was too lazy HAHA! plus i dun have the software or whatever it is o.o" 

OHHH another 1 of my achievement of the year is...

Getting so many followers in instagram!! Well i know this may seem little to some of you but it kinda means alot to me T_T_T And and i often receive touching and lovely comments from my followers in instagram  T_T_T_T_T!!! Can't thank you enough!! 

Hmm does taking in commission also count as achievement? HAHAHA! Dunno la! But was really happy since the commission was quite a success coz my friend really like it! XDD

What else? OHHH MY RESOLUTION FOR 2013!!! Uhh....i dunno what lehh...Hmm let's see....
  • As always to be a better person.. 
  • Then since i'm sitting for SPM so i guess it's Study hard for SPM exam only
  • After that is improve my drawings! 
  • and maybe own a graphic tablet soon and make amazing digital art! 
  • watch more anime
  • have loads of fun! 
Oh well i guess that's all o.o cant think of anything more ~ 

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