Monday, December 3, 2012

Mirage Noir- Charon

I just created a Deviant Art account right? I dint know it's so much fun!!! There's so many drawing contest there and alot of things to do! Haha i wonder why i dint create it earlier! 

Check out my DA account here! :D . and yeah! This drawing is for 1 of the contest there~! Mirage Noir. Hmm it's a visual novel which is still in progress. Theres alot of characters to choose from to draw! 

I wanted to choose this at first! I like cool cool guys hahaha but then im not so sure when it comes to drawing guys coz their face shape is kinda diff and im still not that used to it T_T"

So I choosed this character instead : Charon

ahaha i like drawing emotionless characters and since this is 1 of her personality. 

Here goes~! 

sketch sketch~ 

Line art in progress~

After that erase the sketches~

wahaha she look like some sexy guy :'D 

after that start sketching the bg~

ahahaha i added the moon there last minute :3 


scanned it to comp and edited and ta ta tadaa~! 

hohoho Im quite happy with this piece :'D My sky > success~!~!!! I rmb the last time i did and it kinda fail so this time YAYY~ :D :D Gonna join more contest later ^^ 

and i dint know she's a lessbian!! I drew her half way and re-read her description and 'she's a lessbian'  I was like O_O . I was quite disappointed coz she so cool then suddenly is lessbian~ oh well hahaha! :D :D 

Hope you like it~! ^o^ 

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