Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 1 of comic fiesta~!

Just came back from KL ytd night ! Went there for the comic fiesta / anime convention event!! HAD AWESOME LOAD OF FUN!! Planned this trip with my friends 1 month ago haha..

Finally the CF day!! I only went for CF day 1 ~Reached the KLCC there around 8.15 and....THERES ALREADY ALMOST A THOUSAND OF PEOPLE QUEUEING UP FOR THE EVENT!! OMG ( and i thought i was early -_______- )

I was really like #motherofgod . HAHA! Then can see those cosplayers walking around with their luggage bags ( put their costumes and all )

and then i can see those people who already bought early bird tickets ( buy online long time ago ) cutting the SUPER LONG QUEUE with the face like 'MUAHAHAHA MAN MAN WAIT LA U PEOPLE, IM GONNA ENTER FIRST ) 

still waiting~ me and jie yin LOL 

still waiting -______- too bored!! 

and then queue up from outside and finally queue until inside the hall!! ( but not inside cf yet ) and then see many cosplayers and took pic with 1 of them! HAHAH!! she so cute ar! and she was playing subway surf LOL. 

ok this 1 is they having Dota game Asia competition and many gamers from other country came ( this was at the left side of the queue ( we're queueing at the right side so can see la... ) this is unrelated to cf. 

FINALLY! i think queue until 11.30 only get to enter T^T"  ( the event start at 10.30 ) ..So i guess its actually quite fast la...Then found daphne ..thought was gonna walk together but i walk alone la coz they wan go here and i wan go there..Then i start finding for my fb friends's booth haha 



this 1 they cosplay competition

and then i took pic with my fb friend LOL her art is really awesome la!!! T_T__T_T!! and and in fb that time i ask her reserve the garry key chain for me.. ..I cant believe she really reserved 1 for me! HAHAHA!! then we take pic T_T_T and and actually by that time i found her booth , that Garry (IB) keychain was already sold out and and she's till keeping 1 for me OTL thanks alot!


why she so cute 1!!!


then around 1.30 i went to the VIP lounge to attend the private educational talk by a popular mangaka artist which won alot of awards HAHA AND AND A TALK BY GUILTY CROWN CHARACTER DESIGNER REDJUICE!!! WOOSHHHH!! SO HAPPY HEHEHE!! and and i sat at the most front row :'D I'M A BIG FAN OF HIM~!! :D:D 

took this while waiting for redjuice to get ready for his talk~ :D 

then i took pic from the VIP lounge upstairs HAHA so heres what the cf hall looks like~

then after the private talk by redjuice at the VIP lounge i quickly go find place to sit at the most front row at the stage there coz next event is redjuice on stage HAHAHAHA WTH!! and magically theres 1 chair at the front row so im facing exactly the stage LOL! HAHA so other ppl just sit on floor~ 

ohh this is danny choo talking 

AND U KNOW BEFORE THE REDJUICE ON STAGE EVENT START...2 mc come on the stage and make jokes and give out goodies..I wasn't that interested..i was just waiting for redjuice on stage event ...

AND THEN last last before they finish..they decide to throw the cf shirts to the audience. The shirt was quite expensive 1..duno la...and then i dunno how he throw...THROW HIGH HIGH AND WHEN I LOOK UP...== THE SHIRT IS EXACTLY FALLING ABOVE ME, MY DIRECTION SERIOUSLY EXACTLY and the next second...

people from all over the direction rushing towards me and i got attacked, pushed, hit, squeezed, WTHHHHH!! I REALLY WAS LIKE WHAT THE CRAPPP!!!! THAT WAS SCARY!! ITS LIKE IM 1 SMALL THING IN THE MIDDLE AND EARTHQUAKE ALL THE BRICKS FALLING ON TOP OF ME!!  LOLOLOL

IM SO GLAD ALL THATS OVER!! now its finally redjuice on stage!! T_T_T_T_T

he say he very happy to see ppl cosplaying his characters ( yeah redjuice is character designer of guilty crown ) then he say wanna take pic with them

bla bla all that is over~ and then they have a long scroll for everyone to draw~  

MY UGLY DRAWING ON THE SCROLL TvT!!!! so fail right? so sad la i draw so ugly!!! coz i was standing up and rush rush so anyhow draw!! HAHA other ppl draw so nice and so geng la!! oh well~ bla bla 

and then after everything i was so damn tired and when i see my camera i was like oh no! i dint take that much picture with cosplayers!! so i faster walk around and just take pic with any cosplayers i see 


Went KFC for dinner LOL! and then many cosplayers oso eating KFC HAHAHA so its like u can see cosplayer ordering food LOL. and kirito eating chicken HAHAHAH! 

ok i was to bored waiting for food so i took this =="

in the end i only spent very lil in cf LOL!!!!! Idk why but i dont really feel like buying anything hahaha ._..i wanted to buy artbook!! but then the 1 i really want is sold out -___- " and then i wanted to buy colours of the scenery book but turns out its not a book  its a small file/ cover? (dunno say) with many postcard inside and i asked about it and he said nx year he gonna make artbook so i thought i might as well wait for nx year HAHA!

i dont like collecting postcards LOL....i actually only spent rm 3 on the garry (ib ) keychain...then i was like hahh...maybe i something? -_- then i just randomly buy Allen keychain HAHA (RM 2 only!! and its so cute too!! ) and ...a postcard LOL....kid chan's postcard and i got her signature.. i wanted to buy her artbook but sold out la...was so sad so i just bought her postcard. 

i wana buy 1 more postcard 1 (eventhough i dun like collecting) but that is seriously nice!!!! but i dint in the end coz all also nice and i duno which to choose and i got pissed off lazy choose so i dint buy LOL.

so many amazing people that are really good in art opening booth there la!!! I was really amazed!!! nx year i was thinking of having a booth there too!! and open commission there too...Must be really fun!! oh and i was thinking of cosplaying too ahhaha!!

Really had alot of fun! 1 day was actually enough for me hahaha! 

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