Saturday, December 8, 2012

My birthday

Hihi~!  last week was actually my birthday :'D 27 November. Haha! Gonna finally blog about it since i just got the pictures from my friends ^^ Celebrated it with my Tst family~! Sleeping over at Yin Jie's house :'DD We did the same thing too last year! Thanks alot Yin Jie! Sorry if is make a mess there :x .

This was taken last year! Man nicole's camera is seriously clear!! I really like this pic :'D and yeah this is still our best group pic. Oh yeah! Meet my Tst family~! From the left Yin Jie> Ranesha> Me > Kar Yan > Nicole

and this is taken this year~!~!!! 

We slept over at Yin Jie's house on 26 November and went there at night. We were chillin at yin jie's room waiting for the clock to strike 12!

hahaha after that when its 12 we started singing happy birthday highing here and there hahah! and we made a bunch of really stupid videos LOLOLOL. 

After that we go down stairs cut cake take pic and camwhore. My lovely friends bought me a chocolate ice cream cake~!!! ( actually this is my first time eating ice cream cake lololol. ) I think like after 40mins only we cut the cake. haha coz we keep taking pic with the cake and all. here are all those crazy pictures together~! Let the pictures do all the talking then! 

after we fin taking pic with the cake we were like OK LETS CUT CAKEE!! All the ice cream inside already melt TwT so we put it into the freezer awhile haha. What we did while waiting for the cake to freeze >.> take more pics LOL HAHA

Played PS after that! HAHA! 

After that we slept at 4 something LOLOL and woke up really late haha. Then the whole day we lazy lazy in the house lolol After that we went to Jusco at night had dinner and watched Rise Of the guardians. HAHA! THE MOVIE WAS SO AWESOME JGOEPWJGPOEWJGOEPWJGEWOP!! JACK FROST FTW!

Went back Yin Jie's house, stayed up late, chat random stuff and went back home the next day...TADAAA 

It's really fun and awesome to be able to celebrate your own birthday with your best friends T_T_T sleep over some more T_T = x2 the fun! HAHA!

This was taken when Yin Jie is testing the camera LOLOL! 

That's all byee~~ 

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