Friday, January 10, 2014

Art stream or Science stream?

I've always wanted to write this but I didn't really had the chance to. I wonder if you'd already know that I'm a student from art stream. Well I used to be from pure science stream ( for half a year lol when i was form 4 ) I don't really know about other schools but students from art streams are always looked down by teachers and other students.

So at first i choosed science stream because of my 'pride' HAHA. It was a nightmare since my whole school life was just about coming back from school and then going to tuitions and homeworks. It was also really stressful.

 It sure sucks since I'm the carefree type of person and I want to enjoy the last years of my school life!

My dream was never related to stuff from science stream. Since last time my dream is just to do anything related to art. People always say take science stream better even though ur dream not in science, will be more good for future.

 Well you know what? I think that's all crap. If your dream is not science related stuff what for you wanna waste your time studying for it also waste your money going to tuitions buying those books!?

If your ambition is not related to science , DONT EVER TAKE SCIENCE STREAM or you'll regret!!!
Even if you don't know what is your ambition yet, don't take science if you know whatever your ambition is gonna be is not related to science. 

But if you still wanna take science even though u already know your ambition is related to art, take this at your own risk lol. Surely you'll regret! @@"

Many of my friends also regretted taking Science stream haha. But i really thank God that i get to switch to art stream. My principal almost rejected it but thanks alot of my teachers who helped me out! 

Being in art stream is really relaxing and so stress free! HAHA and my friends from science stream always jealous jealous see me doing nothing in art stream xP especially during art class. 

and can you believe it!? My ex classmates from science stream actually gave me this last last year when i changed class!! Tiramisu cake from secret recipe and a big big card with all of their messages and signatures haha! 

I remember that time me and my friends were acting as if I'm transferring to another school HAHAHA!!! T_T_T_T_T I have such kind and awesome ex classmates...I didn't get to say this but THANK YOU SO MUCHHH~~!!! T_T_T_T I really appreciate it!!! 

Also, after i changed classes, I had a hard time getting along with my new classmates in art stream but I guess I got used to it after awhile plus I was really lucky to have my best friend with me ^^

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