Saturday, January 11, 2014

End of school life

PS: This is a really long post.

I can't believe school life has just ended and I'M NOT A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT ANYMORE!! This makes me feels kinda sad because I FEEL OLD! But I'm also quite happy I don't have to go to school anymore. ( yeah but I'm guessing I'll regret saying this sentence later in future HAHA ) I miss school but not as much as other people lol.

Last year was probably the MOST hectic and busy year of my entire school life because I was involved with school events mainly....the Drama Club. LOL . Do i need to mention again how I accidentally ended up there? I wrote about it in my last year's post 

Well I didn't blog anything about it after that. Okay so we won first place for Zone Level and then second place for District Level. It was very disappointing at first but I don't really care now. I'm also happy that many people praised about the props and my teachers were satisfied with it HAHA since i was the 1 leading it OvO ~ Staying back after school for practices was seriously a nightmare but skipping classes in the morning for practices was awesome HAHA.

This is just 1 of the big props I did (with the help of my props crew of course), also the biggest HAHA. I think its 8 feet long o.o". I did take picture of my other big props and the whole process but *sigh* my memory card reformat itself that time so this is all i have T.T".The backdrop looks small here but..

This is how big it is! Also thanks to all these props my living room was a mess!! Kept getting scolded by my parents =w=" It can't be helped since they keep accidentally stepping on the parts that're not dry yet ROFL.

Oh and these are the pictures taken during the drama competition! HAHA we even camwhored during competition.

hahaha seriously... my schoolmates all photobooming behind there xP

Receiving our trophy!

me holding the trophy from winning second place for district level xP

Few months after that, our teachers organized a dinner for the Drama Club members at Koh Sa Mui restaurant to celebrate our winning and hard work. 

Me and my teachers who were in charge of the drama club! Pn Helena and Pn Pushpinder. 


Besides Drama Club, we went for a few Girl Guides gathering. Alot of competitions in the gathering and all the students from other schools were so fired up man and my school was really fired up as well!! and we won alot of competitions. IDK how they do it lol.  

This is from cooking competition.

Jheng Yie and Pn Chew! 

What I did there? Oh man you really wanna know!?  I just went there to 'give support' lol or maybe camwhore. .I went just because my friends were joining the singing competition. Yup! I will never miss her singing performance! I'm a really big fan of her singing lol. Her voice is just not any normal voice okay !!! 

Nahh TADA! They won in the singing competition! 8D


Next is about sports day! Last year FINALLY my sports house WON FIRST PLACE! After SO MANY YEARS! and for my entire secondary school life, my sports house has never won first place before! So i was really happpyyy~~~

 My sports house's mascot for last year was MINIONS! The marching team's outfit was SO CUTE and my friend who was in charge of the marching team asked me to do a minion drawing... be sticked on this stand here HAHA. Sorry, picture taken using friend's phone so it's a bit different.

Other sport houses' mascot~

Camwhore pictures with my lovely TST friends! All of us planned to tie our hair 2 for fun LOL.

How I wish Malaysian school sports day are like Japanese's !! I always watch them in anime and they are so much fun! Everyone gets involved on that very day and the games are really funny and fun. However in Malaysia, sports day only involved those students who are fast runner. So basically all we do on sports day is just sit down, cheer and watch ppl run. 


Also before that, I won first place for my sports house's logo design contest last year. I did make a post about it haha. 

Here it is! haha well i know it's not really that nice and other people could have done better than me but I still feel really happy when i see my schoolmates wearing it haha TvT 


After that, all i remember about school was studying like crap for SPM lol. It was a horrible feeling because i forced myself to study lol and we had to go to the library to study after schools over almost everyday (because if we went home, we'll probably just lie down on bed and fall asleep) . omg...yep it was a horrible experience. 

Let me show you pictures of how 'hardworking' me and my friends was studying our asses off in the library!!

seriously dk wtc are we doing OMG!! HAHAHA I think we study until too #@$:)#


Newest headband style WTC!

OHH wait.... Those pictures are not very convincing huh...OvO ......
I tried to find a picture of me pretending to be studying but there wasn't any! LOL okay maybe there is 1...

The only picture i took with a book in the library...See that book there!? pftttt HAHA

But...theres also a good memory during that period because my friend got her driving license so she always drove us after school to the library! but before that, she would drive us to different kind of places to have our lunch! 

See this Kar Yan already dozing off in the car before we reach the place to take our lunch! LOL. She needs food to recharge haha.

HEY KARYANN!! Say cheese~~ 
Karyan: zZZzzzz.....
HAHAHAHA when she see this...She's gonna be ' .....=='

Lunch at pizza hut!

Randomly did this.

We're so'photogenic' LOLOLOLOL.


We also had lunch at Sushi King~ 

HAHAHA even camwhoring in the car 8D

This is taken when we had to go back to school during school holidays on December for extra classes  OMG!! Feels so wrong to be wearing this to school LOLOL! Apparently i wasn't in the right mind that morning and simply wore this instead of school t-shirt . 

I reached pretty early and after that i saw other students coming in with school shirt i was like *facepalm*

Ok, picture taken during SPM, after maths test. 

and this is taken on the last day of SPM WOSHH FJEOWJOWEPJGW!! I still remember the feeling of FREEDOM!!!!! 


Now I'll just spam random pictures taken during school time!

HAHA OMG fooling around with my hair! Reminds of of those characters in the anime like Lizzy from Black butler 

With Jie Yin! Picture taken while teacher was teaching LOL. Glad I wasn't caught HAHA! Was too bored :x 

Oh well, we've finally come to an end of this blog post. In conclusion, the best part of school life was of course meeting my best friends and spending time with them. Not to mention, breaking the school rules together.  

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