Sunday, March 2, 2014

Flower Girl

Hello! Today I'm gonna share to you guys process of 1 of my painting that i did months ago. This is also 1 of my latest painting lol. Haven't been doing any paintings since but don't worry I'll start painting again really soon hohoho~ 

Okayy let the pictures do the talking! 

 TADAHHHH !! ( sorry i took this picture at night so it looks dark here )

TATATADAHHHHHHH!!!!! ( i didn't cheat the colours by editing ah..the real thing really looks like this ) 

I love the flowers and skin part!! Was trying out painting this kind of lips but uhh...not really what i expect but oh well it's actually quite okay. 

I also wanted this painting to be really light but added too much colour until it turns like this T_T nvmm I've learnt my lesson! hahaha

Thanks for viewing! xDD 

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