Friday, March 14, 2014

Totoro Banner~!

So my school organized a school fun fair, Pesta Ria. The last time my school had Pesta Ria was like five years ago when i was Form 2. Honestly i feel quite glad they only had it this year and not last year  HAHAHA ! Since im not a student anymore, on that day i can just relax, enjoy myself and have fun with my friends and not worry about my class,shift and all. 

I remembered the last time fun fair, I had to take care of my class' stall with my friends and by the time our shift is over, all the good foods are all sold out!! *SADDD* 

However this year IMMA GET ALL THE GOOD FOOD THIS YEAR!!! RAWR* hohoh planned to go there really early with my friends! 

Had been stuck at home for a few days as I volunteered and help my juniors do their class banner! XDD . hoho So glad to help! They were like why i suddenly so good help out lol. Actually i think i was too bored and nothing to do at home plus I'm addicted to doing banners ever since painting banners for Gradnight and Drama club. I guess my hands very itchy hohoho! 

Okay time to see the banner process! 


Here's a super tip about doing a cloth banner! Get a mah jong paper, cut/stick them according to the shape of your cloth banner.

Once you're done sketching, just darken the lines, put ur cloth banner on top of the mah jong paper and TRAAACEEEEEE!!! YEAHH!!!! This is my accidental discovery LOL!

Sketching on the cloth really sucks =__= you'll make alot of mistakes and it's hard to erase and those crappy eraser bits will be sticking on the cloth =__________=" This totally saves u alot of time. 

Yupp!! My banner is themed TOTOROOOOOO~~~~~~ Actually at first i planned to do all my fav studio ghibli characters in yeah this sounds so crazy. In the end i just sticked with totoro coz not enough space do all HAHAHAHAHA!! I also planned to do Naruto HAHA but nahh!!

*le sexy hand* HAHA


I feel so rajin editing the lighting of all the pictures. ALSO i feel like editing pics is like putting make up on them HAHAHAHA

Well the main reason i wanted to help out was because i want to win in the class banner competition lol. ( yup they have this competition! This is how my school motivates students to paint class banner hehe (Y) ) WELLLLL.....Back then when i was Form 2 i did my class banner too but of course i didn't do it alone, with the help of my friends and teacher. AND I WAS VERY DISAPPOINTED BECAUSE DIDN'T WIN ANY PLACING LOL. 

I know this sounds stupid but i help my juniors do the class banner to fulfill my small dream when i was still a high school student LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL AHAHA


In the end I didn't win lol o_o...LOL didn't get to fulfill my mini dream hahaha oh well i guess its okay then XP

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