Saturday, March 29, 2014

Commission: The Half

Hello there!! My cousin commissioned me few weeks ago and she wanted me to do a painting for her. YEAHHH FIRST COMMISSION OF DA YEARRRR LOLOL!! hahah..=u=" .....omg i think this is also the first painting of the year....Sigh I've never seen such lazy artist before -_-" ...

Okaayyy let le pictures do the talking!



well they are called Masking Fluid~ 

"What is masking fluid? Masking fluid is latex-rubber fluid that is applied to your watercolor paper, will work as a resistant, preserving the white paper or wash underneath."
Later you can just make them come off by rubbing on them gently using your fingers or eraser.

I bought them when I went to KL last year and this is actually the first time I'm seriously using it T_T

Sigh* I know the way I'm using it is kinda wasting but I do so little paintings so I'm scared my whole bottle of masking fluid dries out before I can even use them all TuT"  Plus they are really expensive =v="


 I'M SO IN LOVE WITH MASKING FLUID !!! THEY MAKES MY PAINTING WORK SO MUCH EASIER AND ENJOYABLE KAKAKA! However I think this is just a one-sided love *sad* coz i had some unforeseen problems while using it LOLOLOL!

I accidentally inhale them while i was painting and i was like MAHHH NOSSEEE!!!!! GUARGHIGRHGIREGRE KILL MEHH NOOOWWWWWHH!!! It stings like sheet !!! They are made of ammonia after all. 

What ammonia smells like? MEGA x1000000 Pee smell !!!


Painting these roses turns me into... MOST PATIENT PERSON EVUUURRR 




My scanner cropped my painting =u="
Ohhh yeahhhh If you're interested in commissioning me feel free to contact me TvT"
well I guess that's all~ Thanks for your vieww~~ OwO)//

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