Sunday, January 5, 2014

Best Friends

Happy New Year everyone! Here's 1 of my drawing that I did long ago before SPM even started but abandoned it due to laziness. HAHA Just continued and finished it not long ago. ~~ 

It was a random doodled at first ~ 

Then i guess i was in the mood and so i lineart it LOL

Was really clueless doing the background since i dont want to just leave it blank o.o"

Starry Sky! ( which is also the main reason why there was a window LOL ) I really like to do starry skies! They look so prettayy *U*

And TA-DAAA~~ Used Grey copic markers to colour certain parts. I really love using those grey copics coz they make my drawings looks nicer HAHA and not just plain white? :x. So if you don't have awesome screen tones, grey markers can always do the trick! Its simple, cheap and easy ! (unless if you know how to use manga studio to put screen tones lol )

and TATATADADAAAAAAA~~~~ I dont know what you guys think of this drawing but i personally really love this!!! Well i hope you guys do too~~ OwO

Okay thanks for reading~ Ciaoo ^o^

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